Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nagao Chuka Soba (Nishi Bypass Branch) / 長尾中華そば 西バイパス店

Another day in our new surroundings. There may not be the variety of restaurants as there are in Tokyo, but there is quite a few ramen shops. Today, we decided to have lunch at a place called [Nagao]. The Nishi Bypass branch is only a 5 minute drive from our house and is located near where my sister-in-law works.


Nagao Ramen / 長尾中華そば

I thought this was a little amusing. A sign on how to enjoy a bowl of niboshi ramen at Nagao. First, you should enjoy the scent of the broth. You should immediately eat the chicken. The pork meat should be submerged into the broth and when you think it has absorbed enough soup, then eat it. Next, enjoy a spoonful of the soup even before touching the noodles. And finally, while enjoying the scent of the niboshi, slurp the noodles. Add pepper and other spices to your liking. You will find yourself becoming addicted to Nagao's niboshi ramen. However, do not stop here! Leave a little bit of soup in the bowl and add some rice so you can finish off with some niboshi meshi. And last but not least, add a topping of natto! (I would of course pass on the last step).


The menu.You can choose from six types of Tsugaru ramen. You can also choose the type of ramen noodles you would like as well. There are other types of ramen on the menu too.


This was my order. I chose one of the Shin Tsugaru ramens. The soup was a little on the thick side but that's the way I like it.


My wife ordered the regular Tsugaru Ramen.


Bon Appetit!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kappa no Yu in Yokouchi / 天然温泉 かっぱのゆ(横内)

Tokyo may have their sento (public bath) culture which is rapidly dwindling but Aomori has hot springs galore. Today, we went and explored yet another one. We went to the Kappa no Yu in Yokouchi.


On our way to Kappa no Yu, I had a nice view of Moya Hills.


And here we are at Kappa no Yu.

目的地に到着 ー かっぱのゆ。

I spotted a couple of kappas nearby.


There is a little cafeteria area.


And a place where you can eat and relax while watching television.


Excuse me while I head into the bath area. Sorry, no pictures allowed in the bath area.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Japanese style restaurant [Marumatsu] / 和風レストラン 「まるまつ」

Winter in Aomori is no laughing matter, but now that we have a car, we don't have to walk in the snow. My wife and I continue to explore our new city (my wife's old city) as I also continue looking for a job. Today, we went shopping with my mother-in-law and decided to have lunch at yet another chain restaurant called [Marumatsu].


I was in the mood for something a little more western so I ordered the beef stew set which includes a large bowl of rice, a salad, miso soup and some pickled radishes.


My wife ordered the sushi tenzaru lunch. The sushi consisted of maguro, squid and shrimp. The set included soba with some tempura as well.


My mother-in-law decided to order the tempura set which also included chawanmushi which is an egg custard dish.


It was all pretty good. Nothing fancy, but large portions at an inexpensive price.


Bon Appetit!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Asamushi and the Rokusan Diner / 浅虫とろくさん食堂

The middle of January is still very cold in Aomori but we decided to make another trip to Asamushi to check out the tamagoba (a place to make onsen tamago which are poached eggs as you boil the eggs in the hot spring water. We were planning on having lunch in Asamushi as well.


First a quick stop at the Street Station - Yusa Asaumushi.


A Nebuta float displayed in the window.


Views of Asamushi as seen from the Street Station.


There is a hot spring here at the Street Station as well, on the fourth floor. You have a great view of the ocean from the baths. However, we didn't take a bath here at this time.


This was our main goal today - the onsui tamagoba.

ここがメインの目的地 ー 温水たまご馬。

But we made one small miscalculation. We didn't bring any eggs!


But that didn't stop us from taking advantage of the free foot bath. A young 5 year old boy started talking to me in English while we were there.


The water is quite hot but is so comfortable.


I just love the atmosphere and the old buildings at hot spring resort areas.


And this is where we decided to have lunch today. This is the back of the building.


A very small establishment called [Rokusan Shokudo].


The items on the menu looked delicious.


I ordered the scallop bowl set which also includes soup with yet another large scallop in it.


My wife ordered the sanshoku-don "three color bowl" set. Her bowl of rice was topped with scallops, salmon roe, and sea urchin. Of course her lunch included the soup as well.


Bon Appetit!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Izakaya [Takakyu] / 「たか久」

More Aomori culinary adventures. My wife said this was one of her favorite favorite restaurants when she was still living here. Apparently another chain restaurant with three branches in Aomori City. We decided to have dinner here one night.


As you can see, it was still in the middle of winter when we went here.


Look, its a restaurant with the plastic food in a display case. The building was so retro, as was the interior. However, I like that kind of atmosphere.


My wife and I had the nabeyaki udon. Always a good choice during the winter.


My mother-in-law had the udon set which included a bowl of rice, tempura, oshinko, and sashimi. I think I will order that dish the next time we come here.


Bon Appetit!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hamburger Steak Restaurant [Bikkuri Donkey] / ハンバーグのレストラン 「びっくりドンキー」

In case you missed it. Me and my new suit as I go job hunting after moving to Aomori.


This was one of my wife's favorite places to eat when she was still living in Aomori. There was never a branch close to our apartment in Tokyo. This is a chain restaurant called [Bikkuri Donkey]. Their specialty is hamburger steak. I still think its a shame that my wife didn't want to go to Gold Rush when we still lived in Tokyo too. I'm not sure which one I like better. If I had to choose, I would probably choose Gold Rush.


Tonight for dinner, I decided to try their fondue style cheese hamburger steak.


Dinner is served with a salad.


And soup as well.


I also had a dessert on this occasion - a mixed berry ice cream sundae.


Bon Appetit!


Checking out the moon when we got home.